What is Thriving Places?

The Thriving Places area covers Springboig, Barlanark, Queenslie, Wellhouse, Budhill, Greenfield and and Easthall, but is referred to as Thriving Places Springboig Barlanark in short. The area is bounded by the M8 to the north and the railway line to the south.

Thriving Places was introduced in these neighbourhoods in 2017 to help improve the quality of life of people who live and work here. This can mean trying to improve health and wellbeing, community safety, education, employment, income, housing, the local environment or access to services. It can also mean encouraging local involvement in decision making. At the bottom of the page you can read a 10-year plan which was produced in 2017 and will tell you more about what Thriving Places has been doing in Springboig and Barlanark.

2019/2020 Update

A new Community Connector, Ola Pawluk, was recruited in April 2019 by Glasgow Kelvin College. Ola spent the first couple of months getting to know the community through walkabouts, meeting community organisations, groups and mapping out the community assets. A short film was produced in September to share information about what has been happening in the local neighbourhoods, including an initiative to start a community council in Springboig Barlanark (the community council still has not formed and the process was stalled due to COVID-19 restrictions, but if you are interested please get in touch).


Ola was on maternity leave between November 2019 and June 2020. During this time Sharon Keenan, who also works at Glasgow Kelvin College, took on the Community Connector role.

Ola and Sharon spoke with over 213 local residents to find out how they felt about the local area. This was done at numerous local events including Greyfriars Summer Fayre, Newhills Street Party, Blairtummock Gala Day, Shettleston Fun Day, St. George’s and St. Peter’s Summer Fayre, Cranhill Development Trust Fun Day, Greyfriars Fun Day, FARE Summer Gala, Wellhouse Gala and Calvay Coffee Morning. In addition, 394 local people were consulted by placement students from Glasgow Kelvin College during Budhill and Easterhouse Winterfest.

Children and young people were asked about life in the local area at the Glenburn Summer Programme, a youth event in Springboig and Greenfield, and a community litter-pick in Wellhouse. A ‘What matters to you’ consultation event was also held for local people with disabilities, in partnership with Glasgow Disability Alliance.

The Community Connectors visited and spoke with many community groups including Calvay Volunteer Group, Springboig and Budhill Allotments, Burnmouth Court, Glenburn Centre stall, Tollcross Walking Group, Wellhouse Allotments, Wellhouse Sewing Club, Wellhouse Lunch Club and Easterhouse Baptist Church Café.

Weekly information stalls were trialled at Barlanark Community Centre and Calvay Centre. The stalls were used to share information about services and activities available in the local area. The benefit of a regular stall was that there was a set time and place where residents were able to access information, chat to Community Connector and learn about Thriving Places. The stalls were located at the entrance of the centres’ and took place at the busiest time, as identified by staff members. The aim of these stalls was to engage with community members who may not be already members of groups, parents who are dropping off kids to clubs or afterschool care. The stalls were also used to engage with community members or consultations and locality plan, with printed copies available.

The stall at Barlanark Community Centre was used as a point of contact, as people could pop in at the set time each week to pick up leaflets, have a chat and sign petitions. This stall continued on weekly basis from June until October 2019.

These conversations with local people will help shape a refreshed locality plan and group of community representatives was set up to help produce the new plan.

How can I get involved?

Thriving Places is an opportunity for the people of Springboig, Barlanark, Wellhouse, Greenfield, Budhill, Easthall and Queenslie to come together and make positive changes in the community to make the neighbourhood a Thriving Place. If you want to get involved have a chat with the community connector and contribute your views to local community consultations. We ask the following questions:

• What do you like about where you live?

• What would you change?

• How would you like to be involved?

Community projects and initiatives

Organising a litter pick? Planting flowers in the park? Starting a parent and baby playgroup? Your knitting group wants to create an display in the park? If you have an idea for an activity or a project that could improve your local neighbourhood please get in touch. We would be delighted to talk about it and see if there is any support that can help to make your idea a reality.

Ola Pawluk is the Community Connector for the local Thriving Places and is eager to speak to people who live in the area and to find out what local people feel are the best aspects of living here and the things which people feel need to change. Please contact Ola on:
email: olapawluk@glasgowkelvin.ac.uk

Website: https://www.northeastglasgow.co.uk/springboig-barlanark/

Twitter @TBarlanark