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Pavillion Youth Cafe

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About Our Project

Pavillion Youth Café is a charity youth organisation based in Easterhouse, Glasgow. Probably the best youth café in the whole wide world, we here at Pavillion provide young people with a safe, welcoming and alcohol and drug-free environment for children and young people in the local area.

Being a diverse youth club, our team offers a range of many different and unique skill sets which guarantees that you won’t be bored with the vast range of activities and groups that we have on offer for our young people: homework club, computing, sports, trips, cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, and lots lots more.

Come along for the whole session, or part of the session if you can’t make it all. Try it out and see if you like it.

Homework club is for all school ages.

Youth drop in sessions for 8 to 18 years Refer to our timetable for more information.

  • Providing an adaptable range of social development opportunities which offer optimism and builds confidence for non-academics in a secure all-inclusive environment.

  • Engaging with Stakeholders such as Primary and secondary schools, Parent and Teacher Groups, Glasgow Council, amongst others.

  • Making participation in a programme of recreational choices increasingly accessible for the community

  • Delivery of relaxation and self-awareness in an environment where youths are confident to be at the levels they can be

  • Identifying and addressing existing and potential barriers to personal participation

  • Addressing gaps between demand for, and supply of, available recreational facilities

  • Promoting the range and depth of outlets in Easterhouse and surrounding areas

  • Making choice and participation easier for the community

  • Promoting the role and contributions of youths in the wider society

  • Promoting opportunities for people to become involved in the organisation

  • Completing the journey during education to The Pavillion Youth Cafe leading to employer recruitment or the development of a more positive spirit

  • The Fuse Youth Cafe is our sister organisation that provides activities and support for young people and the community within Shettleston. You can visit their website here.

Additional Details

  • Easterhouse
  • Pre-school, Primary School, Secondary School, 18-25 years, 26-50 years, 50-65 years, 66 years and over