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Easthall Park Housing Co-operative

Registered Social Landlord

Easthall Park Housing Co-operative is a fully mutual organisation, owned and controlled by tenants, situated in Easterhouse, Glasgow.

We are based in the Glenburn Centre, Easthall, Easterhouse. The Glenburn Centre is a multi-purpose community facility.  Our housing services are managed and co-ordinated from the Centre, as well as the provision of a community café, IT suite, games hall and office accommodation for local businesses.

Easthall Park was formed in 1992 and has always defined itself as being more than a housing provider, delivering a wide range of vital housing and community services.

Since our formation, the organisation has progressively increased in size through new build developments and successful stock transfers.

Our housing stock presently consists of 695 rented properties and we provide a factoring service to 55 owners.

Additional Details

  • 18-25 years, 26-50 years, 50-65 years, 66 years and over
  • Easterhouse