People Make Thriving Places

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership’s (CPP) Single Outcome Agreement includes a commitment to support specific neighbourhoods to achieve better outcomes for its residents.  It’s recognised that although significant improvements have been made, inequalities continue to persist within the city.

Thriving Places is an approach to these issues that the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership is taking in three areas in the north east of Glasgow:

Thriving Places is about improving the quality of lives of people who live and work in communities by working with the people who live in them – doing with’ rather than ‘doing to’.

The ‘Thriving Places’ approach centres on partners working collaboratively to make better use of the existing resources embedded within the community.  It uses an asset-based approach to focus on capacity, skills and the strengths of the community.


The Key Principles of a Thriving Place approach include;

  • Partner willingness to respond to local needs in a flexible way, and change the way in which resources are allocated if required;
  • A long term (10 years) focus on partnership working;
  • Joint working at a very local community level – more local than many previous approaches;
  • A focus on community capacity building and working with community anchors;
  • A focus on co-production between communities and organisations; and
  • Intensive activity to build social capital and empower communities, making the most of the assets in the neighbourhood to do this, be they buildings, the organisations or the people.


The expected outcomes of this are:

  • The creation of more resilient, sustainable communities which are stable, thriving and growing, and people are proud to live in;
  • Communities have more aspiration and influence over the planning and commissioning of local services by CPP partners;
  • Communities across the city which would work in partnership with CPP bodies to develop services for local residents; and
  • Levels of demand for particular local services shift (both up and down) as both needs and awareness levels change.

Thriving Places is not just about speaking with local communities, it is about listening to local people and then taking the most appropriate action with local people. We will do this using the assets in your area; this means the buildings, the services, the businesses – the people.


The Pathfinder will host the developing Locality Plans for each of the areas, and will build a directory of local services and opportunities for involvement.


Each of the thriving Places areas has a ‘Community Connector’ employed by a local agency with Council funding but working independently of the Council to support local people to express their voices about the changes needed, and to support them to become involved in decision-making and community activities, and their details are available on the following pages: