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YouthBank funds projects that are developed by local young people.

New health fund to give grants

The Health Fund is a fund of £5,000 from H4U Youth Health, as part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, is working together with youth providers to improve youth health. H4U has made this Health Fund available, managed by YouthBank, to support projects that enable young people to make a positive difference to their health and the health of others in the community. Within North East Glasgow, the following areas are a priority for improving health;

  • Reducing tobacco use
  • Tackling obesity
  • Improving mental health
  • Reducing alcohol and drug related harm
  • Promoting positive relationships

Applications for the Health Fund should show how they would make a positive impact on these issues.

Please complete the usual YouthBank Application Form to access the Health Fund.

 The Health Fund information leaflet

Live grant giving event @ Glasgow East YouthBank! Part of National YouthBank Awareness Week

Young grant makers of Glasgow East Youth Bank.
Young Grant Makers of Glasgow East YouthBank

We were holding live grantmaking at Platform at the Bridge during the PureDanceNRG event on the 12th of November 2010, which is attened by youth clubs throughout the East End. It was a great night and we hope to do it again in the future. We learned how to process applications and interview candidates on the spot with minimal preperation which can help us in later life for job interviews etc. Also, we got to wear our new hoodies.

How many grants?  

We funded 8 Applications which were from :

  • Clifton football club - for winter training kit, nets and balls, they got £350
  • Glasgow Life – For a girls day out to M&D’s, they got £200
  • F.A.R.E. – for a leanding library, they got £500
  • RYPI – for a christmas night out to ice skating – they got £300
  • PEEK – theatre group (Selfish Giant) for costumes and props, they got £500
  • PEEK – Peekenders, for a christmas treat, they got £500
  • Wellhouse Community Trust – INNERZONE –  for ice skating, they got £200
  • PEEK – Weekend Club – xbox 360 and table tennis, they got £250

We gave out £2,800 on the night.


Annie and Shannon interviewing young people from P.E.E.K.

Annie and Shannon, interviewing young people from P.E.E.K.


Jade working the new YOMO hoodie!

Ian and Greg brought their expert grant giving experience.

Ian and Greg brought their expert grant giving experience

100 young people certificated with SQA recognised awards!     

YoMo Youth Achievement Award Night on the 14th September saw 100 young people getting their certificates.

Download the application form for applying to YouthBank for a grant for youyth activities in East Glasgow.Apply for grants! New application form

The money has to be spent on projects in the local area and is decided and awarded, by young people, in form of grants.

YouthBank application form 2010, pdf 1.2mb.

Print and hand in all six pages of the application form when applying!

Contact Linda McG lynn and the Young Grant makers at GE Youthbank if you have any questions.


To be awarded a YouthBank grant, your project/group must fall into the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be between 11 and 25 years of age.
  • The projects must benefit the wider community, not only the applicant/group applying for the grant.
  • The applications must meet and involve young people from Greater Easterhouse, Baillieston, and/or Shettleston.
  • The project must not tarnish the image of GE-YB in any way, shape or form.
  • YouthBank will gave great consideration to groups/projects who are doing fundraising, or match-funding.
  • YouthBank will fund ‘Diverse’ ventures, but only with STRONG supporting information.


YouthBank will also strive to fund projects which will assist in the following:

  • Stop/prevent vandalism/gang fighting.
  • SAFE entertainment for young people.
  • Training courses for young people.
  • Projects which will promote health and well being for young people.

Funded projects

These are some of the previous projects that GE-YB has funded:

  • The Healthy Active Promotion of Positive Youngsters (HAPPY) Club, which received £500 for hall hire and resources for disabled youngsters in the East End of Glasgow.
  • The Gladiator Programme – they received £500 to assist with payments for a coach to coach the kids in junior football, helping to keep them off the streets and keep them healthy.
  • Innerzone – Innerzone received £200 to create CD’s, which involved the members of Innerzone recording famous Christmas songs with the help of John Wheatley College. This was a massive success, and sold well, increasing the confidence of the singers.

Youth engagement project

Local Young Grant Makers.

Your local Young Grant Makers at GE YouthBank

YouthBank is also an engagement project which is giving young people from Glasgow East the chance to have control over money.

Working with GE YouthBank? What do you get from it?

YouthBank’s provide grants to fund young people’s good ideas to benefit their own communities. Local young people make decisions about how their YouthBank is managed and run and decide on which projects get money. 

Gaining qualifications

Self development and work for a qualification during the development day.Our local GE YouthBank young grant makers where busy over their September weekend gaining a National recognised qualification, Introduction to Young People’s Grant Making Level 1 (SCQF level 4).

Getting training

GE YouthBank young grant makers took part in the pilot training programme at the local John Wheatley College; the training is now ready to be rolled out to all Scottish YouthBanks. This is in line with the Open College Network (OCN) units utilised by YouthBanks in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the OCN gave YouthBank Scotland and the Adam Smith Collage in Fife their permission to credit, rate and level each unit using the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework giving each unit a relevance and currency for Scottish learners.

This allows young grant makers to gain a qualification for all the skills and knowledge they develop being part of a YouthBank while giving grants to local community groups.

Congratulations to all..

Gaining qualifications as a young grant maker.14 Young Grant Makers has gained the qualification; Introduction to Young People’s Grant Making Level 1, SCQF level 4.

  • David Weir,
  • Stephen Scott,
  • Colin Shannon,
  • Greg McGarrity,
  • Robert Riddell,
  • Shaunagh Cooke,
  • Nicola Stevenson,
  • Jade Cassidy,
  • Chelsea Marshall,
  • Thomas Sneddon,
  • Kyle Laverty,
  • Ian McNeil,
  • Gary Knox
  • Patrick Molloy.

Congratulations to them!!! 

Updated 19/10/10


Linda McGlynn
Young Movers (YoMo)
Project Coordinator

" "0844 414 8296 (freephone)
0779 646 4442

" "

" "YoMo
Glenburn Centre
6 Glenburnie Place
Glasgow G34 9AN


Do you want to work with YouthBank?

Please contact Linda McGlynn!

YouthBank is run and managed by local young people.

Your local Youth Bank crew

Local Youth Bank crew

Qualifications available to young grant makers are:

  • Introduction to Young People’s Grant Making Level 1 (SCQF level 4
  • Introduction to Young People's Grant making level 2 (SCQF level 5),
  • Developing Decision Making Skills (SCQF level 5)
  • Developing Leadership Skills (SCQF level 6)