There are many active community groups and associations in Easterhouse.  This includes tenants’ and residents’ groups, lunch groups, parent and toddlers groups youth projects, arts organisations and knitting groups to name a few.  Some of these groups are quite formal, with constitutions and bank accounts and some are groups of friends who meet regularly to take part in activities or shared interests and socialise.
Young people celebrate Platform's birthday, 2016

Easterhouse has a range of local facilities. The Fort and Shandwick Square Shopping Centres are both located in Easterhouse, with a number of local shops situated across the area. There is a library and swimming pool at the Bridge, with the Easterhouse Sports Centre nearby on the edge of Auchinlea Park. Platform runs programmes in music, theatre, dance and visual arts performances, as well as workshops, classes and outdoor events across the wider local area.
A cinema is located at the Fort. There are a number of other community facilities spread throughout the area, including the Phoenix Community Centre at Shandwick Square, Bishoploch Tenants Hall and Lochend Football Centre in Lochend, FARE in Rogerfield, the Pavilion and the Connie Centre in Provanhall. There are also a number of church halls in which local groups and clubs meet.
Easterhouse includes part of the 7 Lochs Wetland Park, Scotland’s largest urban nature park. The park will become a major new hub for heritage conservation and learning and engagement. Plans include the restoration of Provan Hall, one of Glasgow’s oldest buildings.

This will include improved visitor facilities to create a gateway to the park. Auchinlea Park and Blairtummock Park are both within the local area, along with a number of children’s play areas.