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Led by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, Thriving Places is a way of supporting and creating community projects that target specific areas of Glasgow.    The Thriving Places approach for Springboig and Barlanark will focus on community issues that are important to local people who want to make a long term positive change.
Resources have been made available  to support the Thriving Places approach via a “Community Organiser” post.   Nisha Malhotra is the Community Organiser for Thriving Places Springboig Barlanark and is eager to speak to people who live and work in the area to find out what people feel is the best aspects of living here and the things which people feel need to change.
Please contact Nisha on:
Email: Nisha@calvay.org.uk
Tel: 0141 771 7722
Calvay Housing Association is hosting the Community Organiser post for Thriving Places -Springboig and Barlanark.




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