North East Recovery Community (NERC)

NERC is a peer led voluntary organisation that provides a variety of recovery initiatives within the North East sector of Glasgow with the aim of promoting and assisting recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs. NERC encourages people in recovery to come together for mutual support.

NERC works in partnership with relevant organisations to develop strategies, plans and structures that provide best practice on service provision for service users and individuals in recovery.


Some of our volunteers:

North East Recovery Community volunteers at Glasgoiw Kelvin College

Contact Details:

David McDermott

Senior Addiction Worker

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership

Westwood House

1250 Westerhouse Road


G34 9EA


Tel:  0141 276 3420

Fax:  0141 276 3432

Direct Extension:  23032

Mobile:  07880273259