Easterhouse has a lot going for it - it's the east of Glasgow's cultural centre, bringing, through Platform in the Bridge, a wide range of arts and cultural opportunities to Easterhouse, and through Glasgow Kelvin College, a broad range of vocational skills and arts development programmes.  Easterhouse hosts 'All Write'  the Easterhouse Writers' Group. It's got work underway to invest in the Shandwick centre; it's close to the Fort, employing many local people; it's got a strong voluntary sector providing many local services. Its local housing associations work in partnership with each other and with others, and teamwork and partnership has been a feature of local services for many years.

The Glasgow East Arts Company employs, on behalf of but also independent of the City Council, a Community Organiser, Maggie Macbean Orr, who works in partnership with anyone who wants to be involved in the development of Easterhouse as a Thriving Place.  One of Maggie's new ventures is the development of a local 'residents only' forum, independent of all the local services and planning, in which local people will be able to have their say in their priorities, and will be supported by Maggie to express their opinions and help develop local services to suit local need.

A local profile of Easterhouse is available from the Understanding Glasgow site at: http://www.understandingglasgow.com/profiles/1_ne_sector/12_easterhouse.



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