Easterhouse Housing & Regeneration Alliance (EHRA) is an alliance of the eight independent, community-based social housing providers in Greater Easterhouse:

Provanhall Housing Association – Linda Cameron, Tel: 0141 771 4941

Blairtummock Housing Association – Cathy Mulligan, Tel: 0141 773 0202

Calvay Housing Association – Peter Howden, Tel: 0141 771 7722

Gardeen Housing Association – Rena Quinn, Tel: 0141 771 9590

Easthall Park Housing Co-operative – John McMorrow, Tel: 0141 781 2277

Lochfield Park Housing Association – Kenny Halliday, Tel: 0141 771 2228

Wellhouse Housing Association – Martin Wilkie McFarlane, Tel: 0141 781 1884

Ruchazie Housing Association – Bill Nicol, Tel: 0141 774 4433


The members of EHRA have worked together since 1991, previously as Greater Easterhouse Community Ownership Forum (GECOF).

The EHRA management committee is comprised of people who live in the local area and have a strong commitment to ensuring that the area’s Social Housing Providers are working together in the interests of the area. The Office Bearers of EHRA are:

Colin Cameron, Chairperson (Gardeen Housing Association)
Peter Howden, Vice Chairperson (Calvay Housing Association)
Cathy Mulligan, Treasurer (Blairtummock Housing Association)
Ashley Scotland, Secretary (Easthall Park Housing Co-operative)

EHRA member organisations own and manage over 3,000 houses throughout Greater Easterhouse. In the last 15-20 years the housing and the physical environment of neighbourhoods has been greatly improved through the efforts of Social Housing Providers in Easterhouse.


GHA also has housing stock in the area, contact details are:

Maura McGregor


1240 Westerhouse Road

G34 9JW

Central Easterhouse

Tel: 0800 479 7979

email: Maura.McGregor@gha.org.uk





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